Ways to earn Steam CD Keys for free and exposing Steam Code Generators

Finding a way to get Free Steam Codes sounds great, there’s no doubt about that. But is there any way to get those Steam Codes for free which is completely safe? It’s no secret that you can get scammed within seconds over the Internet. So, it’s always recommended to buy some cheap Steam codes instead of trying to find them for free. But sometimes you’re just too broke to spend money on games and willing to put up with risk just to get free Steam Keys to play some exciting new games.

So, let’s see some ways by which you can get free Steam Wallet Codes. And when we say ‘ways’, we mean some logical ways that make sense instead of some Free Steam Codes generator designed to just scam you.

The Truth about Steam Code Generators

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Every Steam Code Generator website will start off by making big promises to you like how they would offer you Steam codes free just by doing some effortless activities like filling out a survey form. 

let’s get real here and debunk some rubbish about these Free steam gift card codes generator websites!

Fact 1. “Generating” a free Steam Code is simply not possible!

Steam Codes are IDs referencing a secure database full of valid codes. The possibility of getting a code right is next to impossible.

Fact 2. Gift Code “Hacks” are absurd!

It’s claimed by many generator sites that they have hacked into the database of the company’s gift codes. Even if they do manage to do that, the company would shut down their database within a few hours and issue a recall demanding receipts.

Fact 3. Code “Generator” sites are not legitimate.

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Even though these websites are illegal, you won’t be prosecuted. You’d get scammed by the site owner though.

Fact 4. Free Code Generator Websites are Illogical.

The goal of these websites is to somehow make you fill out a survey that would earn the site owner an amount of $0.25 – $2. So, it won’t be such a huge leap to say that they won’t actually give you the $20 gift card that they promised when they are just making only $2 themselves.

Points Sites

We recommend you to use these sites instead to get free Steam Codes. They won’t give you a code on completing just one activity. However, they keep a track of how many activities you’ve done and reward you with points. And once you have collected enough points, you can exchange those for a real gift card code. So, you’d be completing offers worth 30$ and get a $20 gift card which makes more sense, doesn’t it?

List of giveaway websites for Free Steam Wallet Codes

Free steam keys

  • PointsPrizes.com – This site is 100% reliable. Just earn points and claim gift cards. It’s the best in our opinion as they even pay cash through PayPal or Bitcoin.
  • PrizeRebel.com – Even though their offers tend not to give many points compared to PointsPrizes.com but still this one quite decent as well.
  • SwagBucks.com – Definitely worth a try. It provides some legit working codes as well. It even has a search engine which you can use to do searches and earn their reward points known as “Bucks”

If you want to figure out which website to trust, just think what’s in it for them, the websites. If a site is not making enough to offer you what it has promised then most probably it’s a hoax.

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