Legit ways to extract steam wallet codes at no cost

Getting Steam games for free is simply amazing. Here, we are going to list some legit working ways for you to get those free Steam codes. So, stick around if you want to know how to get your favorite Steam games without spending a buck!

What is Steam?

Free Steam games

It is an excessively used software distributing platform launched by Valve Corporation which is known for releasing some extraordinary franchises such as DOTA series, Half-Life, Counter-Strike etc.

17 Legit Tricks To Earn Free Steam Codes

1- SurveyJunkieFree steam keys

SurveyJunkie is one of the best ones out there to earn free steam gift cards codes just by performing some easy offers.

Their variety of offers includes watching online videos, conducting surveys, reading emails, playing games, etc. You can use this real cash to get free steam codes or simply transfer the money.

2- LifePointsFree Steam games

You can use LifePoints to win free Steam wallet codes legit. Just complete the tasks and earn these awesome rewards! 

It is highly recommended as it is among the list of the most trustworthy websites to get Steam Codes free.

3- SwagBucksfree steam gift card codes

Swagbucks is by far one of the most popular GPT (Get Paid To) websites as it has been active since 10 years now.

You can perform various fun tasks to earn their reward points called “Swags” and exchange them for different rewards including Free Steam Keys.

4- Vindale Researchcan i get free steam wallet codes

      Originally launched for people in the UK and Europe, it has now millions of users worldwide!

Just register in InboxPounds and start completing tasks to earn your Steam codes at no cost!   

5- PrizeRebel steam codes free

      This website is known for providing you with rewards for just filling out some surveys. Having a user database of more than 8 million users, this website has Provided steam wallet codes of around $17 million to its members so far! It’s literally paying you for providing your opinion which makes it one of the best ways to earn easy Steam Cash.

6- GrabPointsfree steam gift cards codes

 GrabPoints also functions like PrizeRebel but it has some more interesting services. Earn points by watching TV, downloading and testing applications, etc. and later exchange them to get Free Steam Codes.

7- GiftHulk

 GiftHulk also pays you in “HulkCoins” for watching videos, completing simple activities, or even for playing games. It even allows withdrawal through PayPal.

8- MyPoints

Another great way to earn free Steam codes. It also works like other reward programs i.e. complete the tasks to get points and redeem those for rewards including Steam Wallet codes. 

9- eBonus.gg

eBonus rewards you with coins for watching videos or live streams, completing surveys, and much more. You can later redeem them for any gift card or your choice.

10- SweepStake/Giveaway Sites

  Location doesn’t matter for such sites as digital rewards such as Steam codes can be distributed worldwide easily.

However, these websites get a lot of hate from mods of forums and Redditors who call these websites a scam.

11- SwagBucks Search Engine

We all do countless Google searches every day. Now, you can switch from Google to Swagbucks search engine called “Swag Search” to earn money while doing the same! you can earn around 100 Swags for searches. However, there are some limitations as well and the processing of the engine takes more time than usual and features more ads compared to Google.

12- Referral Earning

Most of the websites allow you to send a referral link to people and earn 10% of the earning of the people who are signing up through that link. You can earn even more points by sharing the link on your blog or YouTube channel.

13- AppNanaHer

Here you can download applications to earn free steam wallet codes. It rewards you with points once you download and use those apps, that can be exchanged later for Steam Codes.

14- Marketplace of Steam 

Many Steam Community members sell their Items in Steam Marketplace for Steam Gift Card or Cash.

this method can be quite complex as compared to other methods but it is a legit method to earn free steam wallet codes.

15- Watch Videos Online

You can play videos in the background even while doing anything else and earn ‘Swags’ effortlessly. The payment is not that high but it’s a great passive way of earning Steam Codes Free.

16- List of Free Steam Wallet Codes (Updated Regularly)

Here’s a list of Steam codes for you to use but Make sure to use them quickly!Free Steam Codes

17- GiveAway of Steam Codes

So, One more option that is available is a GiveAway. However, we do not rely on this method Because the major cases of the Steam-money related scams happen here but they are worth a try if you have some good fortune in your pocket.

To avoid getting scammed by using this method, you can use the Google search and filter the results to get the most recent ones.

What is reality?

There are lots of steam code generator websites claiming to just magically “Generate” steam codes for you. But the truth is that they are designed to scam you. The only purpose of these websites is to somehow make you fill a survey that would make the site owner around $1-2 per user. And there’s no way that they are going to give you a $20 gift card as they promised by making just 2$ themselves.

Last Words

Steam has been active for a decade now and is one of the most convenient ways to download games. 

All of the above-mentioned ways are completely legal and will provide you with free steam gift card codes no survey no download instead of the Steam Code generators which are just a scam.

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