Where to Find Steam Screenshot Folder and How to Access It?

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While playing an Interesting battle on Steam or while troubleshooting some errors on Steam, If you are needed to take a screenshot then you can press the F12 function key. Just after pressing the key, you will get a pop-up about the file that has been stored in the Steam Screenshot Folder. But where? In … Read more

How to Purchase Games and Add Funds to Steam Wallet?

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  Steam is an online community where people can download free as well as paid games, review, and talk about various other games. Gamers are aware of whether the gaming experience and accessories come at a price and hence the idea of online gaming communities arises. One such community is steam. Steam offers free steam … Read more

Best Summer Deal 2020 – Top Steam Games to Buy

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If you are a gamer, there’s no doubt that you haven’t heard about Steam. Although there are various free steam games available, the player in you wants to explore the entire gaming universe. If you have wanted to play premium Steam games at affordable prices, then head straight to The Steam Summer Sale 2020. Steam … Read more