10 Brilliant Steam Games to Sharpen your Child’s Intelligence

Video games are often considered to be time-wasting and unproductive by most adults. But on Steam, there is plenty of fun and exciting games which can teach your kids a lot. You can get these games for free using Free Steam Codes

So, if you are looking for your child to play some fun games and learn at the same time you can look into the following games according to their interests. if you are out of money and need some tricks to get these games then you can use the Free steam Gift Cards codes to get Steam Codes free. 

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  • Sokobond

Cost: $9.99

Sokobond is a puzzle game that lets you form different chemical compounds by attaching the molecules forming the correct bonds. This game is great if your child has an interest in chemistry as this game makes learning basic chemistry really fun while developing critical thinking skills at the same time. Free Steam Codes

  • Portal and Portal 2

Cost: $9.99 & $19.99

This is one of the most famous game series available on Steam. The aim of this physics-based puzzle game is to move a cube from the start to the end of a level by using portals and making the cube teleport through them. It makes learning Physics really fun as it teaches about trajectories, acceleration, and many other physical forces. you can get this game free using the free steam keys.

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  • Elegy for A Dead World

Cost: $14.99

Ever wondered how would it feel like to be a survivor of an apocalypse? That’s exactly what this game is about. You get to explore the remains of an apocalypse. You get to control the fate of the world through critical writing skills. You can also read other players’ stories and upload your own for fellow players to view.Free Steam Games

  1. A New Beginning

Cost: $9.99

In this point-and-click adventure game, you need to find the reason for the major increase in Global Warming and put an end to it to save the world. The engaging story of this game teaches about the environment and also improves your critical thinking to solve interesting puzzles. Free Steam Gift Card Codes

  1. Spore

Cost: $19.99

Spore is a brilliant game that allows you to experience the journey of a single-celled organism to become the most dominant species of the Universe. Your culture grows through different biological stages and interacts with other civilizations which teach you about politics and society. You can create as many different types of creatures as you want in this game. At Free Steam codes, you won’t need to fill any survey or download any apps. You will get free steam gift card codes no survey no download here.

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  1. Kerbal Space Program

Cost: $39.99

If your kid is into rockets and outer space, this one is for you then. You can go on different space missions by designing and launching your own rockets. You can also travel to different planets which are roughly based on the planets of our solar system. This game teaches the basics of Physics and makes it as fun as it can be.Free Steam Wallet Codes Legit

  1. Game Dev Tycoon

Cost: $9.99

Become the CEO of your very own company and make it reach to the top. Like many great real-life companies, you start off in a garage and make different video game titles. You get to learn about business and different management styles. As any talented CEO, you also need to manage your money right and come up with innovative ideas to help your company climb the ladder of success. Get this game using free Steam Wallet Codes legit.Free Steam Gift Cards no Survey No Download

  1. Civilization Series

Cost: $29.99

Imagine being able to control a whole country and figure out ways to rise to power and dominate the rest of the world. You can do it by any means, through democracy, warfare or anything! It covers a variety of subjects to learn about such as history, geography, politics etc. It even improves your strategy skills and critical thinking as you try to conquer the world.Free Steam Codes

  1. Wildlife Park Series

Cost: $6.99

Experience how it feels like to manage your own zoo. As the zoo manager, your job in this game is to decide which animals, attractions, and employees you want in your zoo. there are easily available free steam codes that you can use to purchase this game. You can also learn about different types of wildlife through the expansion packs available for these games. The goal is to make your business grow and have fun! Free Steam Wallet Codes Legit

  1. Poly Bridge

Cost: $11.99

Poly Bridge tests your engineering skills as you design bridges for different vehicles to pass through. It also teaches you about basic physical principles like gravity, stress, velocity, and many more. You can also play levels designed by other players and have some fun while learning.Free Steam Codes

Video games have great potential and can teach your child a lot in their free time. All of these games are available on Steam and if you want to buy one but don’t want to spend this much money then you can use the steam wallet codes to get free steam games. As a parent, you must check them out and make your child’s fun hours into productive ones.

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